Training Internet of Things

IOT Training

Hands on Practical Experience

  • DeviceTalk provides hands on experience Training program with focus approach on both Consumer and Industrial Internet of Things.
  • DeviceTalk having best in class industrial experience trainer to teach most disrupt technology – Internet of things. We have taken intensive care to preparing training material contents and practical use cases. It is well mix of theoretical and practical approach.
  • We have developed standard training program for basic and Advance IOT concepts.
  • We also provides customized training based on requirements of an Individual or a group or a corporate.
  • If an Individual would like to understand concept of Internet of things before applying for training , we are very pleased to conduct introductory session with demonstration at free of cost.

Who can take this course?

  • College Students who are aspire to take their careers in IOT.
  • Engineer, Manager who wants to well conversant with IOT concepts This program will help them to deploy IOT solution in their Industries.
  • Service provider who wants to gain expertize on IIOT.

Benefits of this course

  • There are number of technologies involved in deploying IOT solution. These technologies are sensors, IOT Kit, programming language, Messaging middleware system, networking, artificial intelligence, Mobility solution development.
  • This training gives hands on experience of above mentioned technologies which DeviceTalk believe will be benefitted following ways:
  • Graduate students who has just passed out of the college can start their in IOT career based upon their area of interest.
  • This training shall help Industrial Engineers, Managers to developing prototype of IOT solution which in turn helps in addressing business pain points of their Industries.
  • As IOT is very disruptive technology, this will help Industry professional to updating their knowledge with latest technology which will help them in furnishing their professional career.

Training Contents

We have taken care to make technical contents of IOT Simple , easy to learn & interesting.We have given more emphasis on practical session.

Please reach us for your training requirements