Power Plant Turbine Generators, Control System,Power Grid Integration, Industrial Internet

Collect, Monitor and Analysis Power Plant Information in real time

Real time information of Key Peformance Indicators, Production performance, Turbine performance, Enery meters helps users to take prompt action and quick decision.

Our focus is on Energy production visibility, asset monitoring(heat exchangers,pumps,chiller,compressor), utility(COAL,electrical power,water,air) consumption and equipment efficiency(run time & breakdown time).

We solve below business problems in Power Plant

  • Integrate Legacy Systems:Our expertize is on integration of Turbine Generators, Invertors, Control Systems(PLC,SCADA),Plant data Historian , which talks on proprietary/standard communication protocols.
  • Interface business applications: we interface business applications such as ERP(SAP),Asset Management system,Laboratory Information Management Systems, production planning & scheduling applications.
  • Mobility Solution: We centralize data from all silo applications and visualize the information on smartphone screen. The app user interface is very intuitive. User would be able to share information with other users on the click of a button.
  • Real Time Visibility:We provide role based visualization of production data in real time.
  • Alarm & Event Notification: our mobile application allow individual user to set alarm based on his/her process knowledge and experience.