PlantApp A platform to unify information from machines,control systems,MES,ERP and display the information in context form on SmartPhone

PlantApp Features

  • Unified Data:PlantApp collects data from multiple data sources such as Control systems(PLC,SCADA, DCS), Manufacturing Executions Solutions(MES) (Plant Historian, Log books), Laboratory Information Management System(LIMS), Enterprise Resource and Planning(ERP).
  • Plant Data be access from anywhere: Plant Information can be access from anywhere , anytime. PlantApp provides right data at right time to right people.
  • ISA-95 Plant Equipment Hierarchy Model:PlantApp organize plant information in ISA-95 Equipment Hierarchy Model. User just need to select the data for monitoring. Advantage of this ISA-95 model is that User can compare Plant performance of different sites/units/equipment in real time.
  • Flexibility in Alarm Setting:PlantApp allow user to set his/her own alarm limits based on its experience or actual process condition in turn which helps users to take better decision and control the process effectively
  • User Collaboration in Real Time:PlantApp allows user to share pllant Information with other users, Groups , Apps . PlantApp also allows to share plant data can be share by Email also.
  • Cost of Ownership is very Low: User just need to select and view his/her plant/factory data similar to any other smartphone’s app. The solution shall be maintain by us.
  • Integrate with all complex technologies:PlantApp can be integrate with any machines having legacy communication protocol(RS232,RS485), open standard protocol such as OPC, ODBC, Flat Files and latest technologies such as webservices, SOAP,XML,JSON ,REST protocol.
  • Platform Independent:PlantApp is platform Independent. It can be integrated to Window application on one side and Java application to other side.
  • Highly Scalable and reliable: PlantApp is highly scalable, reliable and greater in performance.

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